How to Create Airsoft Club and Paintball Website (Adrena Theme WordPress)


Adrena is a responsive and clean WordPress theme, made by a team of creative professionals here at Ancorathemes.
Ancorathemes is a place to buy premium WordPress themes and HTML templates covered by efficient and helpful support.

We are a team of data-driven experts dedicated to resolving your most demanding web challenges. Skillfully versed in all things digital, our enthusiastic team brings together top expertise in web design and development to help you create one of a kind websites, tailored especially for your needs.

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How To Use This Document

Before you get started, we highly encourage you to get familiar with this documentation file. Spending half an hour reading the manual may save a lot of your time and avoid questions with obvious answers.

To quickly find the necessary information click on the “Search” button in the upper right corner of this documentation file and type the “keyword” you are looking for in the opened “Find Window” search box.
Alternatively you can use your browser’s built-in “Search” tool. Press the CMD+F (in OS X) or CTRL+F (in Windows) shortcut to open the search bar.


With ThemeForest regular license you are licensed to use this theme to create one single End Product (the final website customized with your content) for yourself or for one client. In short:

What is allowed with single regular license:

    1. You can create one website for yourself or for your client and you can transfer that single website to your client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client.
    1. You can install the theme on your test server for testing/development purposes (that installation shouldn’t be available to the public).
    1. You can modify or manipulate the theme, you can combine it with other works to create the End Product.
  1. Theme updates for that single End Product (website) are free.


What is not allowed:

    1. With single regular license it is not allowed you to create multiple websites. For multiple websites you will need multiple regular licenses.
  1. To resell the same website (Single End Product) to another clients. You will need to purchase an extended license for this.



For more information regarding license regulations and policies, please check the links below:


Help & Support

Support Policy

Please read this user guide carefully, it will help you eliminate most of potential issues with incorrect configuration or using this template.

IMPORTANT! For more information regarding the theme’s functionality, we suggest checking our Video Tutorials and Articles.

To be able to request a technical support assistance, you need to have a valid purchase code. To get the code, please navigate to your ThemeForest “Download” page and click on the theme download link. Check this guide for more information on this matter.

PLEASE NOTE! As authors of this theme we do provide support only for the theme-related features.
We do not provide support for additional customization, 3rd party plugins integration or any other compatibility issues that might arise. Nevertheless, there is an exception that is only applied to the plug-in(s) we have developed and integrated ourselves.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, feel free to post them on our support message board (forum) at We will respond as soon as possible (within 24 – 48 hours, usually faster). We are open from 10am to 7pm (CET), from Monday till Friday.

Please be aware that a lot of the questions that are posted in the forum have been posted many times before, and get the same answers each time. Before submitting a new ticket, please try searching the forum for an answer, as well as checking our Video Tutorials and Articles. The forum has its own inner search and also has been indexed by Google, so if you can not find your answer with a forum search, it is worth typing it into Google too. Please make sure you have looked at all the available resources before submitting a support request.

Third-party extensions

Unfortunately, we do not provide support for third-party extensions. Please contact the author of the extension if needed. If you feel that you might have troubles with installing an extension, we advise you to order a professional installation service.

PLEASE NOTE! This theme may not be compatible with some third-party extensions. It is impossible for theme authors to make the theme compatible with all the existing extensions by default.
Only the standard (“default”) WordPress theme is compatible with all third-party extensions. Please be aware that an author of the extension should provide a detailed instruction on how to integrate it with a custom theme (since nobody actually uses “default” themes).


As we have mentioned above the theme’s customization/modification is beyond the scope of our support policy.

As for minor CSS tweaks the best way is to use Web Inspector (available in Safari/ Safari Technology Preview ), Developer Tools (for Firefox and Google Chrome) or other similar tools.
Check these short video tutorials regarding Firebug functionality features:

More information regarding CSS syntax can be found here:


Additional Information

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that we do not include theme-related .PSD files into the theme package, because it might significantly increase the size of a downloadable archive. Please also be advised that all the clipart images included in this theme are copyrighted to their respective owners and are not available for download with this theme. Clipart images can not be used without express permission from the owner and/or need to be purchased separately.
Nevertheless, you can request the clipart-related image IDs/references and .PSD files by contacting our support department.

Bundled Plug-ins

The theme package contains a number of bundled plug-ins. Please click here to view the list of plug-ins that come included into the theme.

If a new version of a bundled plug-in is available, it will be included in the next theme release. You can also request it by submitting a support ticket.

Bundled plug-ins are fully functional without the activation using a registration license key. In case you are willing to receive automatic updates and support from the plug-in team, you will need to purchase the plug-in separately. Only the direct buyers get the plug-in license key.

Getting Started

WordPress Information

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. Below are all the useful links for WordPress information.

PLEASE NOTE! The theme is designed for free WordPress version downloaded at We do not guarantee the theme full compatibility with installations on due to limitations in website control and theme customization.

Theme Requirements

To use this theme you must be running at least WordPress 3.9, PHP5, mysql 5 or higher. If you use low-end hosting with limited resources (e.g. GoDaddy!), you may experience issues with “one-click” demo data installation feature.
We recommend that you contact your web hosting service provider to make sure that your server PHP configuration limits are as follows:

max_execution_time 600

memory_limit 128M

post_max_size 32M

upload_max_filesize 32M

If you are running unmanaged dedicated server or VPS, you should check your php.ini file. Alternatively, you can edit .htaccess file in the root of your website and add the following values:

php_value max_execution_time 600

php_value memory_limit 128M

php_value post_max_size 32M

php_value upload_max_filesize 32M

Setting these values will ensure you will not get error messages during the installation. To safeguard your website, please use secure passwords and the latest version of WordPress and plugins.

Here is the list of other recommended web hosting services:

Theme Installation

Unpacking the theme

Before installing the theme, please make sure you unpacked the archive and extracted theme files. Some of the folders names may slightly vary. Treat the screenshot below as an example only.

unzipped theme

If you try to install the wrong files, you will get missing styles.css file error. This is the most common error that means you are trying to install an incorrect package.

To install the theme, you must have WordPress installed. Check this link for more information.

Update WordPress: To ensure a positive user experience, we highly recommend updating your WordPress to the latest stable version. This will help utilizing all of the latest features of WordPress.

PLEASE NOTE! The theme is designed for free WordPress version downloaded at We do not guarantee the theme full compatibility with installations on due to limitations in website control and theme customization.

If you have questions regarding the theme installation, we recommend reading the detailed instruction below.

There are 2 ways to install the theme:

    • via FTP:
        1. Log into your web server with FTP client software.
        1. Unzip the file and ONLY use the extracted /adrena theme folder.
        1. Upload the extracted adrena theme folder into /wp-content/themes folder.
      1. Navigate to the Appearance > Themes tab and activate the theme.
  • via WordPress:
      1. Login to admin panel.
      1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes and click on the Add New button.
      1. Choose Upload theme option. Click on Browse…(Choose file in Safari/Chrome), select the “” and click Install Now button.
      1. After the successful installation, click on Activate or navigate to the Appearance > Themes and click on Activate button to activate the newly installed theme.
      1. Once the theme is activated, you will be prompted to install the required ThemeREX Addons and the other recommended plugins, if any. It might be (but not always should) Instagram Feed or MailChimp for WP (in case they are included), for example.

        All these plugins are included into the theme archive, or can be installed from the repository.
        The theme can function without the recommended plugins. To make your website look more similar to the demo page, you may need to install the recommended plugins and import the demo content.
        However, if you have an existing website, you should be very careful with plugins installation and importing demo data: this may affect an entire website’s content, it’s look, behavior and structure. Please refer to the Demo Content section for more details.

      1. As a final step – the new menu item Appearance > ThemeREX Addons should appear in the WordPress Dashboard menu.
    1. IMPORTANT! If you want to make changes in theme’s templates or functions, we recommend activating a child theme before demo data installation. Please see the Child Theme section for more information.

Plug-ins Installation

To make the theme look more similar to the demo page, you need to install recommended plugins. Click on Begin installing plugins link.

Alternatively, you can use Appearance > Install Plugins menu that redirects to the plug-ins installation page. Check all the listed plug-ins, select Install option and click on Apply button. Installation may take a few minutes, please be patient and do not refresh the page.

Plug-ins activation should be done in the same way. Navigate to Appearance > Install Plugins menu, check all the listed plug-ins, choose Activate option and click on Apply button.

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that there is only one required (mandatory) plug-in for proper theme functioning which is “ThemeREX Addons.” The rest of the plug-ins are recommended for installation, but not required.
In case you are running a shared hosting (e.g. GoDaddy) with limited resources, we do recommend to enable only the essential plug-ins (the ones you need) and disable the rest if any. Otherwise, it may significantly increase memory (RAM) consumption, which might lead to unwanted issues.

Available plug-ins:

    • Contact Form 7
    • Contact Form 7 Datepicker
    • Essential Grid
    • MailСhimp for WordPress
    • Slider Revolution
    • ThemeREX Addons
    • WooCommerce
    • WPBakery Page Builder

SUCCESS! The “Success” message appears after plugins successful installation.

Child Theme

Child theme is for developers willing to make changes to core functions and code. If you are not planning to dig that deep, you can just skip this chapter.

IMPORTANT! If you want to make changes in theme’s templates or functions, we recommend to install a child theme and apply changes there. To learn more about that, please visit the WordPress Codex website.

In the theme’s package you can find all the necessary files for the child theme. The installation of a child theme is similar to the main theme.

A few recommendations on how to use a Child Theme:

  • Almost all files from the main theme can be replaced in a child theme. It does not concern only .php-files with templates and basic logic, but also both .js, .css files from respective folders and files with images, icons etc.
  • If you want to change some theme-related functions or add new ones, copy/add all the required functions into functions.php file in the adrena-child folder. If our theme contains functions with such names, they will be replaced with yours, if not – your functions will complete our theme logics.

    PLEASE NOTE! If you want to replace some functions from other files (except functions.php), e.g. from _wp_utils.php or _utils.php, we do not recommend you to copy respective files into the child theme, but you should create the respective functions in functions.php in the child theme. This should be done, so that when updating the theme, new functions from these files are available for use.
    As for other files – put out the templates from the folder ‘templates’, images from the folder ‘images’ etc. – to make changes copy theme into the folder ‘child theme’ and make changes there.

Demo Content

Our theme includes a simple One click demo data import tool. It allows getting a copy of our demo website in just 1 click.
Nevertheless, it also allows choosing whether to install the “whole demo-site content” or just certain pages, forms, sliders etc.

Before installing demo data, please make sure you have installed all the required plugins, check the Plugins installation section for more information.

IMPORTANT! When installing demo-data, ALL THE EXISTING CONTENTS of your website will be deleted and replaced with the new data! We do recommend to install demo data on fresh WordPress.

To import demo content into a WordPress site, please follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your site as an administrator.
    1. Navigate to Appearance > Install Demo Data:
install demo menu
    1. On the page that showed up set the required parameters.
    1. Click on “Start import” button.

      PLEASE NOTE It may take a while for demo data to be copied from our server to your site. It depends significantly on the Internet connection speed between your website and our server. Please wait patiently and do not refresh/leave the page.

  1. SUCCESS! The “Success” message appears after demo data successful installation. Treat the screenshot below as an example. Included plugins and some of the options may vary.

    IMPORTANT! In case “Demo Data” installation stuck, you can manually install it by downloading the archive from our server and extract it in your Theme’s folder root directory. If the issue persists, please contact your hosting provider to make sure that your server configuration meets the Theme Requirements. Otherwise, please refer your request to our support department.

Theme Update

This step is required if you received the notification that a new version of the theme is available. You can see this information in Changelog section at the bottom of the item’s details page.

IMPORTANT! Before you go ahead with the update make sure you backup your old theme’s folder. Download it to your computer locally.

It is a good practice to backup both your files and database regularly and especially before making some serious updates.

Update Option 1. Update using WordPress uploader

    1. Log into your ThemeForest account and navigate to “Downloads” tab. Find the theme and download “Installable WordPress file only”.
theme update
    1. Log into your WordPress website and go to Appearance > Themes.
    1. Activate a different theme. Delete the previous version of adrena and re-upload the new WordPress Installable files that you have downloaded from ThemeForest during the 1st step.
    1. Once it is uploaded, activate the theme.
  1. Update (if necessary!) the included plugins, if you see a notification message prompting about a newer version.
      • Navigate to WP Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins.
      • Deactivate and delete the plugin(s) of old version.
      • Go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install the plugin(s) like it was described in the Plugins Installation section of this documentation.

Update Option 2. Update using FTP client

    1. Log into your ThemeForest account and get the last version of the theme as described above.
    1. Connect to your server using desktop client software (we recommend CyberDuck and Filezilla).
    1. Change directory to /wp-content/themes.
    1. Remove existing folder with old theme files.
    1. Unpack theme installable files downloaded from ThemeForest and upload to the theme folder.
  1. Update (if necessary!) the included plugins as it was described above, if you see a notification message prompting about a newer version.

Quick Start

After the theme activation and demo content import, we are ready to get started with basic theme settings like site title, tagline, logo, favicon etc.

To change your site title and tagline go to Settings > General. Please note, these parameters are important for search engines.

Another great idea may be setting custom permalinks structure to make them more SEO friendly and human-readable. Go to Settings > Permalinks and make changes according to the example below.

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